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          Welcome to Spectrum Process Systems!

          Spectrum Process Systems Inc., part of the Total Energy Services Inc. group of companies, is a lgary area based professional contractor for design, drafting and fabrition of custom made structural and processing equipment for the oil and gas industry.

          Headquartered in our primary manufacturing facility loted at 285175 Kleysen Way, Rocky View County, Alberta, Spectrum is a long-term provider of process equipment to the energy industry.

          We have over 80,000 square feet of manufacturing facilities staffed with experienced engineering, design, fabrition and support personnel to meet all your oil, gas and water processing equipment needs.

          Get In Touch

          285175 Kleysen Way

          Rocky View County, Alberta T1X 0K1

          Phone: (403) 723-3400
          Fax: (403) 273-0377